Don’t worry, you don’t need to be married, this offer is valid for all kind of couples. The accommodation is a room with a « Queen Size » bed; he will train Muay Thai and she will enjoy her FREE accommodation.
The training course is for only 1 person per couple, while the second can use the facility but not the Muay Thai teacher.
  • 1 weeks 2 people 14,000 baht – (around 399 Euro )  
  • 2 weeks 2 persone 28,000 baht – (around 798 Euro )
    • 1 month (30 days ) 2 people 60,500 baht – (around 1680 Euro )
The couples, who both want to train Muay Thai, are more than welcome, please ask for a specific quotation at
>>>  Offer valid for a minimum stay of 1 week.
 IMPORTANT : prices are valid only for advance booking and payment. For those arriving without a reservation daily price start from 2,000 baht per day per person ( min 7 days )