7 Muay Thai gym is already considered a temple of ‘real’ Muay Thai, Whit 280 square meters pool view gym. The gym be open for athletes of every level, as well as novice , beginners and amateurs, who can train with fighters of different countries.

To create a complete holiday made of training for some and relaxing on the beach or swimming pool for other, for those who come alone or with their partner/family, unlike traditional camps, the gym is inside a resort with very comfortable accommodation.

Even thought it’s a modern facility, it remains a traditional Muay Thai camp, where training are led by professional Thai Masters and trainers !

7MuayThai Gym is open for athletes of every level ,novice,beginners, amateur and fighters. However the methods and training rhythms, are the one for pro fighters and champions, who train at the gym regularly. There are 2 training session a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Training cycles require at least a few weeks. Surely we won’t be able to turn you into Muay Thai expert just in a few weeks, but everything is studied to transfer you the “real” Muay Thai essence combined with the best physical and mental comfort.