Shared rooms rules


First of all, it is important to remember that you are not alone and everything you do that disturbs others it’s a form of breaking the gym’s rules. After the first ‘warning’, you will have to exit the room and get pay for a single room if available or leave without any refund.

Computer and mobile phones

  • Cannot be used in respect of everyone else’s rest
  • Cannot be used inside all resort and pool area
  • It is ONLY possible to use mobile phones and laptops in the RELAX AREA


  • Food is admitted only in relax area (outside the resort area)
  • Who stays in a shared room without refrigerator can store a very small amount of stuff in the common refrigerator and shelves. We only allow you to store the necessary amount for the next day and not more. In this area there’s a 7-11 minimart open 24h where you can buy anything daily.


Who does not respect the gym rules will be invited to leave without refunds.