Songkran festival Pattaya with the champion Mathias Gallo Cassarino

Yesterday, 19 April in Pattaya was the last day of Songkran 2015.

Songkran is the party for the Thai New Year and consists of a week. Where the main streets of big cities will be playing water war no matter whether thai or farang, man or woman, a couple or alone you will come wet, and you will wish you good luck for the new year put in the face in a colored powder mixed with water.

songkran-festival-pattaya-with-the-champion-mathias-gallo-cassarino (1)The minivan left me on the outskirts of Pattaya where there was Mathias waiting me.We go towards the centre but I knew that we lost three much times. Today was not a normal day, the street was full of pick-up with people that drew water in all directions. The people in the sides of the road stopped you, and smeared you the famous color to wish you good luck.

 A frenzy already on the road, but luckily we arrived in Beach Road.

The beach road is one of the busiest streets of Pattaya that for this occasion it was close to traffic. We parked the motorbike there and we meet with other friends.

We go in the street, we provide us with water guns and good luck ointment, and we go to war!

The street is a delirious music that comes from different locations scattered on the road, you can dance, drink, eat, we get wet and wishes good luck to all the people we meet!

During the day we make new knowledge, to meet old friends and if you see important names of Muay Thai same Mathias that they are intent on celebrating the arrival of the New Year.songkran-festival-pattaya-with-the-champion-mathias-gallo-cassarino (2)

Towards evening ‘the temperature begins to drop as well as body temperature, the party will continue until the night just for who drinking a little bit more for those who feel the cold more

We feel cold, and we decide to take a shower and return to “7Muay Thai”.

Beautiful experience that I believe should be repeated at least once a month! Hahaha! I’m kidding the Songkran is a good party where there is a lot of fun and it is also one of the few occasions in Thailand where Thai and farang see fun together without feeling the difference of nationality.

Unfortunately because of the water I broke the phone is only this picture made with the phone Mathias of the beautiful day spent.