‘Thai food’ is wonderful  but be careful of the poison: MSG

The Thai cuisine is outstanding , probably one of the best in the world and in Thailand, and one of the most cheap. It can be ideal food for sportsmen, without the 3 poisons that are:

– Sugar (Namtān): Thais have the habit to cook everything using sugar. Poison for athletes.

– MSG (Pong choo Rot), Monosodium Glutamate. Even if we can find it in Parmesan cheese, in Thai and Chinese cuisine, an excessive use becomes another ‘poison’ for athletes.

Rotdee is the most dangerous being: MSG + sugar + salt

– Sale (Klua): less used than sugar but still harmful to the athlete, especially for those who need to control their weight.

To enjoy an healthy, natural and tasty ‘Thai food’, learn to say:

 Mâi dtông sài pong choo rót nah kráp (for men) kâ (for women)

when they understood then add:

Mâi dtông sài Rotdee dûay

Mâi dtông sài Namtān dûay

Mâi dtông sài Klua dûay


All this requires an effort but certainly is beneficial to your health.

7Muay Thai GYM and beach Resort” instructed and periodically checks the food served in the restaurant. A useful service and much appreciated by all.

Whether you come Thailand for vacation or for Muay Thai, it’s a good habit to develop for your own well-being, because as we know, we are what we eat and nutrition is fundamental. Part of the holiday is also to be able to switch between ‘Thai food’ with good Italian food that will soon be served at the ‘7 Muay Thai Restaurant’ near the camp.