7MT Camp Ambassador

Starting from September 2019, 7 Muay Thai Gym’s Camp Ambassadors will begin to be selected. The goal of this initiative is to improve the quality of communication between the camp’s staff and the outside world. The Ambassadors impersonates the corporate identity of the camp, brings the services and, most importantly, the values of the Thai camp, closer to future guests and aspiring fighters.Here are the must-have features needed to become the face of 7MT, therefore a Camp Ambassador:

  1. Operate in a truthful and authentic way, at all times. Has to have a good reputation in terms of trustworthiness.
  2. Being specialists of the Muay Thai sector. The Ambassador has to be experienced with staff of various Muay Thai camps (in Thailand and worldwide), to be able to give objective advices.
  3. Has to be constantly be ‘present’ if contacted directly or via social networks.
  4. An Ambassador has to be someone who had been a guest of the camp at least once, be familiar with the BIO of the trainers and the 7 Muay Thai Gym staff in general. She has to be up to date with the activities and evolution of the training method, and most importantly, identify the goals of the people she is contact with; in a way that she can advise them to take the most suitable choice, as well as, inform the camp’s staff and instruct them on how to fully satisfy the guests by making sure they reach the goals of their stay at 7 Muay Thai Gym.


A commission composed by the management and trainers of the camp will select the candidates for Camp Ambassadors, and will also propose it to who they think meets the requirements.

To become a candidate e-mail us at book7muaythaigym@gmail.com