Looking for a young social media geek

7MT camp (Thailand) is looking for a young social media geek, who knows how to shoot vides and photos at a basic level (or higher) possibly with some good speaking and storytelling skills.

Anyone who is hardworking, forward thinking, and able to get through challenges in a positive way can join our team.

He/She must have a passion for sports, tropical countries (Thailand) and be willing to learn the “art of 8 limbs”: Muay Thai!

This is an UNPAID internship for 3-6 months, Muay Thai CREDITs can be given if needed. The intern will be a guest of 7 Muay Thai Gym & Resort.

We will be flexible to choose the right candidate. One must own a laptop and love Muay Thai.

Send your CV and a short statement about yourself and why this opportunity is a fit for you. Contact us via e-mail: book7muaythaigym@gmail.com

We look forward to hear from you!
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