Daily schedule

First and foremost, each student gets a taylor-made training routine, based on their technical and physical level.

Morning training

Mornings begin with the 6:15 AM run by the beach while enjoying the sunrise, after that straight back to the camp for the first training session of the day at 7:00 AM.

All Muay Thai workouts, including the morning runs, are supervised by one of the Kru Muay, which in Thai means Muay Thai teacher/trainer.

Regeneration and relax

At the end of training is almost a ritual to jump in for regenerating bath in the pool inside the resort, immersed among giant palm trees, giving a deserved feeling of relax and accomplishment. Next, you get out of the water for a shower and sit at the table for breakfast.

Breakfast & Lunch

9:00 AM is breakfast time, which consists in a plate of amazing mix fresh local fruits (Papaya, Mango, Pineapple etc.) and boiled eggs. At 11:00 AM We serve an healthy Thai lunch, without any added sugar, salt or MSG (read more about healthy Thai food).

Rest & Chill before training

After lunch, some choose of spent time in relaxing mode at the beach or at the pool, while others go back to bed instead, to recharge the batteries for the most afternoon training session.

Afternoon training​

The main training session starts at 3:00 PM and depending on your level it will end between 5:00 & 6:00 PM, or even later for the professional fighters who have fights scheduled.


At 7:00 PM dinner is served in a restaurant outside the camp, and then is again time to relax and between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM normally all guests go to sleep.

All the students of the camp, of all levels, are given the same attention and care during training. The only limit to learning, is what each of us wants to give ourselves, interrupting before or due to some training sessions.

Training sessions are held from Monday to Saturday, with Sunday being a day of complete rest, except for private classes or professionals fighters training for upcoming competitions.avanzado

Beginners & Aspiring Fighters Video

Advanced Fighters Video