Check-in 16:00 (04,00pm)
Check out: 11,00am

Check-in: Generally, you can check in at 04,00 pm or later, and your room will be held until 09,00pm (GYM closing time).
If you think you might arrive after 09,00pm, please send your flight ticket directly to to ensure your room is held. If we know before, the rooms are guaranteed for late arrivals.

Early check-in: Early check-in is at the discretion of the Camp and is based on the availability of your room.

Check-in before 12,00am will be charged half day

Check-in before 07,00am will be charged half day

Check-out: You can check out any time before the Camp’s check-out time, which is 11,00am

If you need to check out later in the day, please make your request when you arrive. We will charge a fee for late check-out, or charge you for an additional night.

Check-out after 13,00am will be charged half day

Check-out after 04,00pm will be charged full day (You can training as every day)