Carlos Coello Canales Muay Farang trip to go Toyota Marathon and check weight

Carlos Coello Canales aka Carlos Muay Farang a few days ago left to Had Yai to participate at « Toyota Marathon » accompanied by Renè Muay Farang and Ajarn Precha 7 Muay Thai Gym.
First stop in Bangkok were they stayed overnight and the next morning, they met with the other fighters and event staff and they went to Had Yai province located in south Thailand.
Arrived after long trip, was time for Carlos to relax and keep is weight in control while waiting for weigh-ins the next day.
Today, 13 August 2015 14:00 Carlos passes control and is officially in the Toyota Marathon that will go live on TV on Channel 7 starting from 2:00 PM (thai time) 9:00 AM Italian time.

We will soon post a link to watch him live.