The Rus Gym Team visits 7 Muay Thai Gym

The collaboration between Muay Farang and Master Ruslan Kryvusha lasts since more than a year and both teams shared training time and ring experience. Today Ruslan Kryvusha came to visit the camp that hosts the Muay Farang team: « 7 Muay Thai gym ».

Amongst the components of the team the young talent, Alim Nabyiev and Khayal Dzhaniev who in 2012 faced Mathias Gallo Cassarino at IMFA World Championships.
14 athletes came directly from Bangkok to visit ‘7 Muay Thai’ camp, that unfortunately for now is just « partially open » and isn’t big enough yet to host such a big team plus the athlete already living at the camp.
Finally, today basements were madefor the future when the gym project will be finished, and the new structure composed by the resort and the gym with 3 rings and 4 stable trainers (with some big names).