Nowadays, the innovating and theme holiday satisfies more than a simple holiday.

Many organize sport related holiday and now the new thing comes from Thailand, with Thai Boxing or better know as Muay Thai courses which is the Thai national sport, all this in complete safety with a very soft approach for beginners.
Even models have the tranquility to keep their beauty safe, while toning up their muscles.
A complete holiday that offers sea, sun, relax and also a fitness program for your body.
Learning Muay Thai basics, means fitness and so wellness for the mind, body and why not also self defense!
Your daily trainings will be 900mt away from the sea, immersed in a unpolluted nature, with a final dive in the pool. Rayong area is the perfect place to be for a sport holiday as it is sunny 12 months a year and with some of the best beaches in Thailand far from pollution, only 2 hours away by car from Bangkok.
Take care of your body with fitness and studied food that keeps the “pure” Thai style, but features a special menu for athletes without salt, sugar or MSG, that usually is largely used in the Thai cuisine.
Authentic Italian cuisine is also available as an alternative to the Thai cuisine or who desires an alternative to the thai cuisine.
The new “Fitness package” includes the Thai Boxing course and a single room in the Resort next to the gym and in front of the swimming pool, all very close to the beach.

The price for 2 weeks package (course+room) is of 21.000 Baht per person (around 600 Euro).

What’s not included: flight, equipments (gloves ect) that you can buy here and the meal package that features 3 daily meals, in a restaurant near the gym at the price of 250Baht per day (around 7 Euro).

For those who desire a course longer than 2 weeks, can ask for a quotation by writing to

bambini lezione di gruppo muay thai