Healthy and sportive holiday in Thailand

Theme holidays are now officially “a thing”, classic holidays are not enough to satisfy innovative and adventurous people, anymore.

Many are planning sport-related holiday and the newest type comes from Thailand, with Thai Boxing courses in complete safety with a very soft approach for beginners. Even models have the tranquility to keep their face and body safe, while toning up their muscles.

A complete holiday that offers sea, sun, relax and also a Muay Thai program to improve fitness levels. Learning Muay Thai basics, means wellness for the mind and body and self defense.

Your daily trainings will take place in a resort 900m from the beach, with pool view rooms, immersed in the unpolluted nature of the rural Rayong area. It’s the perfect place for a sportive holiday, as the weather is sunny 12 months per year and with some of the most quite beaches in Thailand, far from pollution and only two hours away from Bangkok Airport.

Taking care of your body with a healthy food plan that features a special Thai menu (learn more). Authentic Italian cuisine is also available as an alternative.

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