Learn Muay Thai

Muay Thai (or Thai Boxing) is Thailand’s national sport, and it’s popularity on an international level is growing exponentially, year after year. Even if, it’s essentially a combat sport, more and more people choose to practice it as a way to get fit, others, just for the purpose of improving their skills and learning this ancient art and others, of course, with the purpose to compete.

Many, are the ones who teach his art around the world, although, it goes without saying that to get the best training possible, one must seek real experts of the field: Thai masters (In Thai language: Kru or Ajarn).

The art of Muay Thai dates back to hundreds of years ago: it was practiced by the warriors that defended the Kingdom of Siam. Today, it has become in one of the most popular combat sports and the evolution hasn’t stopped. 

Thailand is the number one destination for aspiring fighters who are seeking to start their career or professional fighters (in Thai language: Nak Muay) who want to take on the best in the world.

For beginners and novices, coming to learn Muay Thai in the land of smile a no brainer, as it much easier to learn and improve, due to the easy logistics (eating and sleeping in full comfort at the camp/resort, with no commute needed) and of course the weather conditions, which makes it way more fun, compared to training in the cold weather. Special training session, studied for each student, merged with the tropical climate to create a unique experience.

Nowdays, women and men of all ages can be spotted in any gym or Muay Thai camp (in Thai language: Kai Muay), training together and sharing their love for this antique art, proof that Muay Thai has really become a sport that anyone can practice. 

Thai Boxing is becoming one of the first choices for woman who want to get back into shape or stay fit. The constant heat and well rounded type of training is the perfect combination to firm up every muscles the body. On the other hand, the sun, the swimming pool and the beach nearby guarantee an enjoyable and comfortable holiday.

Kids and teenagers have the opportunity to learn self defense and, in our experience, to go through a notable mental growth, as the training session is based on the fundamental values of Muay Thai: discipline and respect. 

To sum up, an experience worth trying and that can only be lived in Thailand. 7  Muay Thai Gym (Rayong province) is the only camp in Thailand that can offer the comfort and service of a real resort.