workouts timetable and how run the day at the camp:

In the morning at 6:15 AM  We start to run on beach side and after enjoy the sunrise We run back to the camp for begin the first training session of the day at 7:00 AM.


At the end of training is almost a ritual the regenerating bath in the beautiful pool inside the resort immersed among giant palm trees giving a deserved relaxation. You get out of the water for a shower and sit at the table for breakfast.


At 9:00 AM We serv the breakfast, the main course is an amazing plate of mix fresh Thai fruit (Papaya, Mango, Pinneple etc.). At 11:00 A.M. We serv a healty Thai meal, without sugar, salt or MSG (read more about healty Thai food).


After lunch, someone can choose of spent time in a relaxing mode at the sea under a palm tree and others instead go back to bed to recharge the batteries for the most important training session.


The afternoon session starts at 3:00 PM and depending on the program and your level will be ending between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM or late for the professional fighters who have program fight scheduled


At 7:00 PM dinner is served in a restaurant outside the camp/resort, then is again time to relax and between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM normally all guest of camp go to sleeps.

All Muay Thai workouts, including the running in the morning , are supervised by the Master (in Thai language: Arjan) and his team of coaches.


All the students of the camp, of all levels, are given the same attention and care during training. The only limit to learning is what each of us wants to give ourselves, interrupting before or due to some training sessions.

The training sessions are held from Monday to Saturday, with the Sunday of absolute rest, except for private lessons or professionals who have competitions scheduled in the following week.

Here 2 videos of a typical day and some training phases: