‘Boxers room’ is a shared room with Nak Muays (fighters).

It has 8 single beds with bathrooms (showers are external).

4 weeks 30.800 baht (± 880€)
8 weeks 54.880 baht (± 1568€)
                                           12 weeks 71.064 baht (± 2030€)

IMPORTANT: prices are valid only for advance booking and payment.
Walk in price (without reservation) starts from 2.000 baht per person.


What do the packages include:
– 2 daily training sessions (Morning 7.00 a.m – Afternoon 3.00 p.m) *

– A single bed in the selected room

 3 daily meals (food is served in a restaurant outside the resort) *
(We serve healthy Thai food, a special menu for athletes, without the use of salt, sugar & MSG read more)

1 “CR7 Drive” Supplement to keep hydrated and increase resistance in training.

The use of the swimming pool and access to all the resort areas (We are 1 km away from a beautiful and quiet beach).

New rules applied from October 2018: Shared rooms (boxers rooms) are available only for students aged over 20.

*No training and food on Sunday