Paradise beach in Rayong Province

Why waste time and money to get to the overworked islands of Phuket and Koh Samui? When there’s a Muay Thai “temple” just 2.5 hours drive from Bangkok, immersed in a unpolluted paradise of beach, sun and nature.

Travel agencies and booking websites keep sending millions of tourists to Thailand’s most commercial and touristic places. If you choose to discover “real” Thailand and experience it alongside Thai tourists and learn their national sport, then the beaches in Rayong province and 7 Muay Thai Gym are the right places for you.

Many people’s dream is to combine a traditional Muay Thai style training with the best physical comfort. The comfortable resort close to the sea, with a fantastic swimming pool and good food (Thai and Italian cuisine as an alternative), makes it a reality.

Waking up and going for a run by the sea, side by side with professional fighters and Thai trainers. Jogging on the beach side will help oxygenate your lungs, refresh your mind and boost your metabolism, followed by Muay Thai training. After all the sweating and hard work, the program ends in a regenerating jump in the swimming pool, and then a well deserved healthy breakfast of champions.

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