Policy & Rules

Booking policy

No Refund Policy

Deposits and payments

The full payment is required to guarantee your room reservation.
No amount will be refunded in case of total of partial cancellation

Check-in/out policy

Check-in 16:00h (4pm)

At the discretion the staff or management, the guest can enter the room before 4 PM (in case the room is ready). One extra day will be billed for check-ins before 9.30 AM.

Check-out 11:00h (11am)

At the discretion the staff or management, the guest can be allowed to keep the room over 11 AM. To check One extra day will be billed for check-outs after 12.00 PM (mid-day).


Office/reception timings are 9 AM to 7 PM. The doors of the camp are closed at 9 PM, therefore, it will not be possible to exit/enter until the next morning (6 AM).

For emergency (urgent or grave) call one of these numbers:

  • 0926367771
  • 0892526826
  • 0848721516

If the guest happens to have a flight that arrives later than 9 PM or that leaves early in the morning, please send the ticket to 7muaythaigym@gmail.com so that we can guarantee to check you in/out at a proper time.


Air conditioning

The price of air conditioning is calculated based on a monthly average, therefore, we kindly ask to pay a forfeit of 200 Baht per (each) day of the stay.

We suggest asking for Aircon upon arrival. If the guest requests the use of A/C later on during the stay, the price will still be calculated on the total amount of days. For example, if your stay is of 14 days, and the request is made, for example, on the 10th day, the price will still be of 2.100 Baht, exactly the same price you would pay when you book.

Thanks for understanding.

Shared Room Rules

Strangers are not allowed to enter the camp/resort, rooms and pool.

First of all, it is important to remember that you are in a Muay Thai camp where professional fighters and other students live as a community, therefore, you are not alone and every action that can disturbs others (in any way), it’s a form of breaking the rules.

After the first warning, you will have to a single room (if available) or leave the camp without any refund.

  • Rest time from 11 AM to 2.30 PM and after 9 PM. During the rest and sleeping time we kindly ask for the maximum silence.
  • At 9 PM the doors are locked from the inside for safety; therefore, we kindly ask to be back at the camp before 9 PM, or you will have to wait until next morning (6 AM). Do not climb over the fence, because if a police car happens to pass by, you most likely will get arrested for trespassing (remember you are in Thailand and not at home).
  • Please take off your shoes before entering the rooms (Thai tradition, good manner to do it everywhere). Shoes and flip flops can be left outside in the designated space. Running shoes have to be separated (odour) and place in the appointed space under the stairs to go up to the gym.
  • Smoking and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the camp/resort perimeter: rooms, toilet, pool area and relax area. Who is caught smoking, will be asked to leave with no refunds.
  • Please to not throw toilet paper in the toilet, as the plumbing setup in Thailand is not big enough to support it, and the toilet will eventually clog (which you will have to solve yourself).
  • When you go out, we suggest locking the room and please turn off lights, A/C and the fan (the fan in the bathroom have to be off when you not use toilet).
  • Washing clothes: there is a periodic and cheap laundry service, all you have to do is put your dirty clothes in the yellow bag (that we provide upon arrival) with your name on it. Ask the staff where to leave it. The minimum fee for the service is 100 baht (no refund).

Computer and mobile phones in shared rooms

  • Cannot be used if not respecting everyone else’s rest.
  • Cannot be used inside all resort and pool area.
  • Can only be used in the relax area.


  • Food is admitted in the relax area only.
  • Who stays in a shared room without refrigerator, can store a very small amount of stuff in the common fridge. We only allow you to store the necessary amount for one day. Nearby there’s a 7-11 (minimart) open 24h where you can buy anything you need, on a daily basis.

Who does not respect the camp rules will be invited to leave without refunds.