Cheap offer for active fighters only (long term)


6 months in Boxer Room (Special promotion for Covid19 Season)


Are you an active Muay Thai fighter? Are you looking to come to Thailand to train and fight for an extended period of time? If the answer is yes, this offer is for you!

IMPORTANT: prices are valid only for advance booking and payment.

Price for training and accommodation with the fighters:

  • (minimum period) 3 months (12 weeks) 38.640 Baht (1.073 €) *
  • 4 months (16 weeks) 47.600 Baht (1.322 €) *
  • 5 months (20 weeks) 54.600 Baht (1.517 €) *
  • 6 months (24 weeks) 59.976 Baht (1.666 €) *

What do the packages include:

  • 2 daily training sessions * (Morning 7:00 AM – Afternoon 3:00 PM)
  • A single bed in the shared boxer room with 5/8 beds and ceiling fans
  • Opportunity to fight regularly in Thailand
  • Assistance for all the Covid19 related proceedings (quarantine, visa, insurance, C.O.E., exc.)

For any question about the Covid19 restrictions and more information about this offer please contact us at 7muaythaigym@gmail.com

We can prepare detailed and personalized quotations for who would like to choose their own arrival and departure dates, with different periods of time.

7MT management reserve the right to accept or refuse an applicant for this special offer and to end it’s validity at any given time.

Please keep in mind that this offer does NOT include food and/or access to the resort area.

* No training Sunday (except the week before the fight)

* Prices in Euro and USD are approximate and subject to change due to currency fluctuation

Walk in price (without reservation) starts from 2.000 baht per person.