Muay Thai (in Thai characters มวยไทย), also known as Thai Boxing, is a combat sport that origins from the ancient art called Muay Boran (In thai it translates as ancient boxing),

Muay Thai is known as “the art of eight limbs” because weapons allowed are: kicks, fists, knees and elbows; therefore, eight points of are contact available for the fighters to use.

Thai trainers are considered the best when it comes to perfecting the art of Muay Thai. As it is Thailand’s national sport and they have been living, eating and breathing Muay Thai since they were born, day after day and all of them have had fighting experience.

Muay Thai flows in their veins and for them it represents a good way to earn a living. Often, their passion for this magical art is so much that they dedicate their entire lives to it. Thais are proud of their sport and this is the main reason why the greatest “farang” (non Thai) fighters and champion train or have trained in Thailand. That’s why coming to learn Muay Thai in Thailand is part of many people’s bucket list.

7 Muay Thai Gym is open to students of every level and all ages, from novices to amateurs and as well professional fighters (In Thai language “Nak Muay”) . The training methods and rhythm, are the ones of the pro fighters and champions who train at the gym regularly, but are adapted according to the level of preparation and skills of each student.

There are 2 training session a day, one in early morning (which starts with a run by the beach) and one in the afternoon.

We won’t be able to turn you into Muay Thai expert just in few weeks, but everything is studied to transfer you the essence of “real” Muay Thai, combined with the best physical and mental comfort.