This program is designed for those who have no experience or haven’t had any regular training and would like to learn the basics of Thai Boxing (Muay Thai). Level 0 is suitable for boys and girls age 14+ and men and women of all ages and is also a fun family activity as the level of exercise is individually tailored according to one’s ability, endurance and performance. Prior to the beginning of the program, an individual session with the Head Trainer or Thai Master will assess your status to customise your training.


Medical clearance to perform any sports activity. You can enrol in this level if you are healthy enough to go to a regular gym and endure a standard fitness session. There is no pre-requisite in any fighting discipline or technique. If you have any medical condition or suffered an injury, just let us know in advance so that we can act accordingly.

What you will learn

Training schedule

This program features 2 training sessions per day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon, each of the duration of 2 hours. Between the AM and the PM sessions athletes are expected to eat lunch and rest, hence if you are travelling with friends or family, we suggest not to make social plans in the afternoon as you will not recover in time and feel too tired to learn proficiently in the second session. Of course, if you want to spend some family time during the break you can all relax by the pool at the Resort or at the near-by beach. Evenings are free.

What do you need?

You will need to bring your basic sportswear (shorts, t-shirts and towel.) Actually, if you want to travel light and spare some extra room in your luggage, you can even buy our gorgeous 7MT original apparel here at the Camp.