Super Promotion 25%

“As soon all this ends, I will go to 7MT in Thailand!”

You have no idea how many messages like this we get on a daily basis… many of you friends!

At the moment, we are all obviously uncertain about travelling, due to COVID-19. Hotels here in Thailand are getting ready to invite tourist to come back as soon as it’s all over, and we will do the same! Last February, many were ready to travel to Thailand to come to train, and then everything happened. Nonetheless, all of them decided to postpone their trip to later this year and many more, while sitting at home with a lot of time to think, have decided to join them.

Finally, we ask our Thai director Khun Kookai to bring out a very convenient OFFER!

K. Kookai answered: ‘I’ve personally met many of the guys and girls who come to 7MT and what impressed me the most (in a positive way) was the determination and spirit of sacrifice they have in order to reach their goals! Then I saw our Nak Muay(s) on the ring against the most dangerous Thai opponents. Well, this current opponent is one that was absolutely unpredictable, up until now. We will beat Coronavirus as well, I’m certain that it is only a matter of TIME, and it’s against time that we have to fight! This promotion is applicable right away, and can be used until January 2021. The first step towards success is to go back setting goals for the future. Therefore, if you were thinking about a trip to Thailand. If you are not sure WHEN it will be but you are certain that it will happen, let’s realize it now! Book one of the packages (already in promotion) that you can find on our website, for any length of stay you will get a discount of 25% on your training + single or double room (this discount is not applicable on food) and 10% discount on shared (boxers) room (food excl.). Discount valid for bookings that are finalized before April 20, after that it will be lowered:

  • From TODAY to April 20th: 25% for single and double room / 10% for shared Boxer room
  • From April 20th to May 2nd: 20% for single and double room / 5% for shared Boxer room
  • From May 2nd onwards the offers and promotion on the website will still be available.

To get exact prices of promotions with the ON-TOP discount, write to us at