Alessandro Grifa

Western Boxing Coach

Brief info

Born in Milan (Italy) on June 12, 1976. Started practicing martial arts at the age of 6 with his father, Nazario (a competitor in multiple martial arts as well as boxing). Alessandro competed in Kickboxing bouts up until the year 2000, when he decided to fully dedicate himself to teaching.

Travelled all around Europe and finally to Thailand (where he fell in love with real Muay Thai) attending to the best Kickboxing, Western Boxing and Muay Thai schools of the globe. With time, he developed his own training system that is versatile and applicable to various disciplines. During the years, he has trained and formed many fighters, brining them to win national, European and world titles, taking part in almost all the world's biggest fight promotions.

In the last few years he's been challenging himself with experienced high level fighters, helping them improve certain aspects and develop new tactics. Some of them are Mathias Gallo Cassarino and Carlos Coello Canales, who Alessandro trains regularly at 7 Muay Thai Gym. The collaboration with Roberto Gallo Cassarino and with 7MT camp started in 2015 and still goes on to this day, with outstanding results.

Currently, he alternates periods of time in Thailand (7 Muay Thai Gym) and in Italy (in his own "Grifa Gym" in Montecatini Terme - Tuscany) and he plans to move to Thailand for good.