Fighters or beginners who wish to stay outside the camp are more than welcome, the following conditions include 2 daily training sessions.
1) One week Member Card: 7.000 baht or 200€

2) One month Member Card: 19.000 baht or 543€
3) 12 Entries Membership Card: 11.000 baht or 315€

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For long stays please write to us for a quotation:

1-on-1 Muay Thai Private classes 1 hour 2000 baht

Private sessions include: warm-up, hand wrapping, pad work, Muay Thai training program and stretching.

4 hours package promotion is 4000 baht (march 2020)              
6 hours package promotion is 5000 baht (march 2020)

Note: classes included in the promotions are available from Monday to Saturday and only on certain times of the day.

Check out the link below to find out what equipment you need for training.

boxing-gloves-shinguard_muay-thai-training-requirements-7muaythaicamp-rayong-phuket-ko chang ko samet ko samui