Training requirements:

  • Gloves, suitable to hit pads and boxing bag
  • BIG Gloves 16/18/20 Oz for sparring (we not allow You to do sparring without big gloves )
  • Shinguards (very padded and suitable for Thai kicks)
  • Shorts
  • Handwraps
  • Mouthguard
  • Groin Guard
  • skipping rope
  • Towel for gym
  • running shoes
  • Towel for swimming pool

We also suggest:

  • Personal Water bottle
  • Electrolytes (with hot weather is very important to hydrate the body with vitamins and mineral during training )
  • Whey protein, the world champion Mathias use H24 Rebuild Strength
  • you can buy Rebuild Strength direct by mail :

*Electrolytes can be found in every 7-11 ( minimarket ) open 24/24

We have also shop inside our GYM and you can find ALL in necessary for training has shorts, t-shirts and handwraps etc.
Gloves, shinguard and other equipment can be purchase at the shop but if You like to travel light, a complete SET is available at the promotional price of 5500 baht (~160€)

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