Want to train in thailand?

Experience authentic Muay Thai in the heart of Thailand at 7 Muay Thai Gym, a cozy, unpolluted oasis in a small seaside town in Rayong Province, Thailand. 7MT camp is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the culture of Muay Thai, learning directly from our talented Thai instructors.

At 7 Muay Thai Gym, we provide equal attention to everyone, whether you are a beginner eager to discover this wonderful discipline or an expert looking to refine your skills. 

Our goal is to create an engaging and rewarding experience for every individual who wishes to embrace the world of Muay Thai, guiding you towards your full potential.

An exclusive advantage is the convenience of communicating and learning without language barriers. Our international team is ready to welcome you and provide a seamless learning experience.

The all-inclusive packages which include training, meals, and accommodation ensure a meticulously organized and light-hearted experience. Our facility features a beautiful pool, perfect for refreshing after intense training sessions. Moreover, our healthy and adapted Thai cuisine will allow you to savor authentic flavors while maintaining a balanced diet to maximize your progress.

Contact us now via e-mail (7muaythaigym@gmail.com) or WhatsApp (+66926367771) to receive a personalized and no strings attached quote based on your needs and requests.