7 Muay Thai Gym and Beach Resort opened up its gates on December of 2014. “7MT” is the result of over a decade of experience of Roberto Gallo Cassarino and Mathias Gallo Cassarino, along with the lifelong experience of native Thai trainers and coaches.

Roberto has been a die-hard fan of real Muay Thai for about 30 years, and has been living in Thailand and actively taking part in the Muay Thai community, in its home land, for the last 10 years, mostly by managing fighters at the highest level.

Mathias, his son, had his first fight in Thailand at the age of 12, and has been living in Thailand for the last decade, with a palmares of roughly 80 professional bouts and 6 titles belts, amongst which one world title.

After years of experiencing training and life in multiple Muay Thai camps in Thailand, Roberto and Mathias finally decided to create their own version of a Muay Thai Camp. Their goal was to unite top level training with comfortable surroundings, to please the needs of the ones who wanted to train like a Thai champion but relax like a #holidayholic.

“7MT” offers World Class training and different types of accommodation in a small and private resort with a swimming pool, just 900 meters from one of the most quite beaches in Thailand.