Carlos Coello Canales

Top Fighter

Brief info

Date of birth: 22 January 1990
Country of origin: Spain

Carlos Coello Canales, born in Cadiz, a small city in the south of Spain, started practicing martial arts during is teenage years. At one point he realized that his hometown couldn't give him the opportunities he seeked, he found himself travelling to Thailand for the first time at 19 years old, where he fell in love with Muay Thai. After traveled seasonally to train and fight, in 2015 he decided to move for good, and become part of the 7 Muay Thai Gym fight team.

Professional Titles:
3x Spanish Champion (2013-2014)
Northern Thailand Champion (Muay Siam) 2016 (58kg)
WBC MT International Champion 2016 (57.1kg)
WKN World Champion 2017 (57kg)
ISKA World Champion 2018 (57kg)
WMF World Champion 2019 (57kg)

Amateur achievements:
IFMA Bronze Medal Europe 2013
IFMA Bronze Medal World 2014
WMF Silver Medal World 2016

Outside the ring appearances:
- National Spanish news on two top TV channels: Lasexta and Antena3 (Chiringuito de Jugones)
- Documentary on Laligasports
- Documentary on Movistar Plus (Informe Robinson)
- Numerous articles on major Spanish news outlets: MARCA, AS, ABC