Thai food is great, but beware of MSG

Thai cuisine is outstanding, probably one of the best in the world and in Thailand, and one of the cheapest. It can be the ideal of kind food for sportsmen, without this 3 ingredients:

  • Sugar (namtān): most of classic Thai recipes require the use of sugar, unfortunately, it is often abused in Thailand. A very bad habit health-wise and true poison for athletes.
  • MSG (pong choo rót) or Monosodium Glutamate and also known as the father of the Umami flavor. We can find in it’s “natural” form in Parmesan cheese and in seaweed. The powder from is used in Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and unfortunately and excessive use becomes, once again, poison for the athlete’s body.
  • Salt (kluea): less used than sugar, as it’s already abundant in the different sauces and condiments used to cook Thai food (for example: soy sauce, fish sauce), therefore if added becomes harmful to athletes (and people in general), especially for those who need to control their weight.
  • Rot dee is a malefic preparation (in our opinion), as it contains all of the above in one single powder mix! (MSG + sugar + salt)

To protect yourself and enjoy natural and healthy Thai food, with no extra additives, where you can fully taste the ingredients, learn to say: “Mâi dtông sài pong choo rót nah krub (gli uomini) ka (le donne)” – (“Mai dtong sai” means “do not put”).

Once they understood, than add:

  • Mâi dtông sài Rotdee dûay krub/ka
  • Mâi dtông sài Namtān dûay krub/ka
  • Mâi dtông sài Kluea dûay krub/ka

All this requires an effort but it will, certainly, be beneficial to your health.

At 7MT, we have instructed our staff who periodically checks the food served at the camp. A useful service and much appreciated by all.

Whether you come Thailand for holiday or for Muay Thai, we think it’s a good habit to develop for your own well-being. We all know that we are what we eat, therefore, a correct and clean nutrition is fundamental. A part of the holiday at 7 Muay Thai Gym & Beach Resort is also to be able to switch between Thai food and Italian food.